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Quick Hit: Anchor Text & Google Rankings

SEO software ahrefs has released an interesting study on the correlation of exact match anchor text links with rankings. Researchers set out to discover if there was any correlation between the percentage of exact-match anchor text...

SEO – Risky Business for Small Businesses

:: By Frank Spohr, Clicked Studios :: Optimizing websites so they rank high in Google’s search engines is big business. Ranking in the number one position for a popular keyword can bring in roughly 36.4 percent of that keyword’s...

On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

:: By Korah Morrison, Blogoloola :: It is hard to sum up the perfect search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for every website or Web page, and that is mainly because, for the average website owner, it takes quite a bit of education...

Google's Anchor Text Updates: Much Ado About Nothing (for the good guys)

by Andy Crestodina, strategic director of Chicago web design company Orbit Media . Each time Google alters the language in its Webmaster Guidelines , I get questions. A new round came last month, when Google updated its Webmaster Guidelines...

Big List of Link Building No-Nos

Link building is one of the most basic methods that Web professionals use to grow their businesses online. It’s a pretty great system because there are so many different ways to build links on the Internet, but it’s also...

SEO Mechanics - Anchor Text

The Internet has done a lot to make it easier to spread and digest information at a faster pace than ever before, but the really great thing that Web content is able to do is insert supplementary information right into the text on...


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