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App Store Optimization: The Best Chance to Be the Next Mobile Hit

:: By Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, App Annie :: As cost paid per user stands well over $3 per user, app marketers and publishers are seeking ways to attract new audiences. The first place to look is right in the beginning ﹘ within the app...

How Web Data Kills App Store Optimization

:: By Dave Bell, Gummicube :: The App Store may seem like a black box to many developers. What is the best way to drive downloads for an app? How does App Store Search really work? Where should I invest? These are the questions that...

Apple & Google's App Store Analytics in Focus

:: By Chirag Leuva, Yudiz Solutions :: As the news surfaced recently on the initiative taken by both Apple and Google in improving app store marketing tools, it's clearly the beginning of a new era. The newly unleashed tools from...

12 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App Like a Pro

By Alex Genadinik, Do you have a mobile app, or are you thinking of creating one? If so, you will need to generate thousands (or at least hundreds) of downloads a day on a daily basis. Here are 12 techniques to leverage...

Distimo Gives App Developers More Visibility

Apps are a hot-ticket item these days, and as with any booming, young industry, there is a lot of room for improvement. Many developers have found themselves creating applications and then selling them into multiple app stores. But...

Get Top Ranking Apps with ASO

There’s a new term Internet marketers need to become familiar with: ASO, or App Store Optimization. As apps have ushered in a new era of business on the Web, ASO will soon take its place alongside SEO as a key component of online...


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