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Revenue Leakage a Digital Life & Death Issue

Avangate, a digital commerce solution for software, cloud and online services, recently unveiled its Summer '15 release and introduced several new features and capabilities to help enterprises address a major challenge in the new...

Keeping the IoT Safe

With a constant stream of Internet connected devices hitting the market, the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing every day. Avangate , an e-commerce company, has recently announced that Bitdefender , a digital security provider, is...

New Services Economy Sees Digitization of Products Into Services

Digital commerce solution Avangate's Fall 2014 release is aiming to help companies move beyond traditional payment transaction models and increase long-term customer revenue and retention with the introduction of more than 200...

Inside The New Services Economy

In today’s digital society, services are just as important as products. In fact, a study by Avangate found that 63 percent of U.S. adults currently use at least one online service (e.g. Pandora or Spotify) a day with more than...

When Payment Alone Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

By Michael Ni, Chief Marketing Officer, Avangate The days when websites were all about marketing are gone. Today, in a world where customers are comparison shopping online and reading peer reviews on social media even while walking...

Selling Smaller "Seats" for Bigger Gains

Forty percent of all the leads your software firm generates will never be ready to engage with your sales team. Why? Avangate , which is responsible for that figure, believes it’s because you keep filtering out leads that don’t...

Turn Local Eyes into Global Sales

By Michael Ni, CMO/SVP, Marketing and Products for Avangate Growing businesses often struggle when expanding internationally, finding themselves entering into new markets without a clear strategy to plot out their infrastructure and...

Profit from Shifts in Software Distribution

The software industry has undergone significant shifts in the way solutions are developed, distributed and consumed in the past several years. Analysts predict that he online delivery of software, whether downloaded or SaaS, will grow...

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