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The Future of Display & The End of Banner Blindness

Email marketing service StreamSend is looking to put an end to banner blindness once and for all. The company is rolling out new interactive, embeddable "blocks of content" that are designed to engage website visitors. The...

The Impact of Color in Display Ads

Color is a powerful tool. When used in marketing collateral, it can evoke emotion, bring designs together and draw attention to particular focal points. In fact, color is so powerful that it can impact the performance of an ad campaign...

10 Ways to Rethink Link Building

:: Christy Belden, LEAP :: Poor link building. Once the bastion of search engine optimization, it continues to come under attack by Google – and for good reason. Over the years, many SEO practitioners have used misleading, black...

Dissecting Display Advertising's Rebound

Display advertising is making a comeback. Across the board, display ad spending is up and across all mediums, too -- banner ads, rich media and video, included. But what's leading this resurgence, and how can advertisers take advantage...

Three Brilliant and Inspiring Animated Advertisements

Traditional banner ads have a long history. They experienced a heyday before the dot-com bust, saw a revival with Google AdSense, then saw click-through rates drop steeply as consumers succumbed to "banner blindness." Yet...

Adgregate, UBL Provide SMBs with E-Commerce

Adgregate Markets and announced a partnership which will provide small business owners the opportunity to provide e-commerce solutions on their websites. Adgregate Markets is known for allowing Web professionals...

Uncovering Consumers' Real Online Ad Preferences

iPerceptions announced the results of a study that reveals insights into which types of online ads are popular with consumers. The analytics company collected user-generated feedback from 14,000+ visitors on consumer advertising preferences...


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