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Best of 2011 - Viral Video Ads

There are quite a few online technologies and techniques that gained momentum in 2011, such as mobile optimization, cloud computing and Web video marketing. Many of them we can expect to see traveling at full-speed in 2012. For example...

Best of 2011 - Ecommerce Landing Pages

You only get one first impression, and a landing page is the first impression of every successful website. T herefore, it is imperative to create a good one. Successful ecommerce landing pages include aspects such as bold titles, eye...

Best of 2011 - Content Management Systems

The right content management system (CMS) can make all the difference in the world when it comes to Web success, especially for small businesses without big budgets to dedicate to IT and Web development (although some of the largest...

Best of 2011- Daily Deal Sites for Merchants

Everyone loves a deal. But no consumer can sign up for the more than 600 daily deal sites that saturated the online deal market in 2011. That would be a lot of emails in the inbox. So, with all of the daily deal sites available, how...

Best of 2011 - Mobile Web Devices

The year 2011 was a pivotal one the Web, particularly as it relates the way people go about connecting to their favorite sites. The advent of fast-emerging and rapidly growing technologies in the mobile sector has led to many users...


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