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2014 Social Media Journey: Finding Precise Answers from Big Data

By Richard Pasewark, CEO of Visible Technologies Marketers and business leaders are on a long and exciting journey. The prize is finding precise answers and meaning in big data. The journey presents unique and possibly overwhelming...

3 Practical Strategies for Data Scientists

Thanks to the growing proliferation of big data into enterprise-level businesses, small businesses and everything in-between, the role of the “data scientist” is becoming increasingly important to the day-to-day operations...

3 Big Data Analytics Players

As an emerging industry, big data still has a lot of Web professionals scratching their heads. Most people tend to have some idea of what it is (large datasets that are too big for on-premises management tools or processing applications...

Leverage Big Data Better with Automatic Segmentation

We all know that it’s difficult to manage big data, which is, by its very nature, huge and disorganized. But, as those companies that have found a way to make use of it can attest to, big data can also offer some incredibly valuable...


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