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Non-Human Traffic (NHT) Quality in Focus

Traffic quality is obviously a major concern for digital advertisers and online publishers are carrying the burden of proof, even as 80 percent admit they do not have the slightest clue about how traffic is being audited. This, of...

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The Age of Automation Has Arrived

Robots could replace as many as 5 million jobs by 2020 (it will likely be many more) according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the cuts have already begun. Walmart is reportedly cutting 7,000 jobs on account of automation, joining other...

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The Age of AI Chat, Bots Come to Skype

Skype is embracing the bot craze in a big way. Over 30,000 developers are reportedly building bots for the platform and some are even bringing their functionality to the popular Microsoft owned and operated offering. SUBSCRIBE to Website...

BOTS and The Future of Hiring

Bots are doing pretty much everything these days - from helping plan vacations, to retrieving weather forecasts and even helping you get your next job. HR company FirstJob , for example, recently launched a recruiting assistance called...

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Facebook Simplifies Bot Interactions

Facebook released several new features for bot developers on the Messenger Platform last week that could just make the conversational technology more accessible, intuitive and seamless. SUBSCRIBE to Website Magazine & Accelerate...

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97 Percent of Top Websites Lack Bot Protection

Bots are everywhere these digital days - and they aren't always used for good. An enterprise's competitors, as well as hackers/fraudsters are scraping your Web content, engaging in brute force attacks, competitive data mining...

Bot Traffic is Out... of... Control

Bot traffic is increasingly out of control, with over 22 percent of all Web traffic coming from bad bots according to recently released research by bot detection and mitigation solution Distil Networks. Bots are responsible for a variety...

Bot Traffic Affecting Ad Budgets Big Time

Are bots (i.e. non-human traffic) forcing you to waste money on performance advertising campaigns? A new report from Solve Media certainly suggests that’s the case, estimating the global ad industry could waste up to $9.5 billion...

A Mark Against Social Media - Here Come the Bots!

Did you ever hear the phrase " All good things must come to an end ?" In the world of the Web, it could not ring any truer. Aaron Wall of SEObook has a thought provoking post on the " Social Media Free For All Frenzy...

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