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10 Tips to Keep Your Website Bounce Rate in Check

Michael Georgiou, Imaginovation The bounce rate of a website helps you analyze its performance. Defined as – the number of visitors who leave your website after visiting a single page, there are some actions taken by these visitors...

5 Reasons Visitors Leave Your Website

:: By Ankit Oberoi, AdPushup :: There is nothing more satisfying than having your work appreciated through a comment, a like, a tweet or a sale. Unfortunately though, it is becoming harder and harder to get that appreciation or attention...

Shoppers Love Internet Explorer

When it comes to online holiday shopping, one browser is more popular than the rest – and no, it’s not Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The big winner is actually Internet Explorer. New data from cloud and mobile testing company...

Last Ditch Bounce Rate Reduction Effort

There's no better way to determine how well website content and website design are contributing to the user experience (and your own conversion metrics) than that of bounce rate. Bounce rate (as well as its digital cousin exit...

Adjusted Bounce Rate Available in Google Analytics - Web Marketers Rejoice!

Bounce rate is one of the best metrics available to understand if content is relevant to a user and how engaging your website is on the whole. Bounce rate, however, can be a misleading metric and for many proves insufficient to get...

Optimizing the Exit Rate Metric

As a website marketer you should always be looking for areas to improve. Whether you are a content publisher, Internet retailer or affiliate marketer, one of the key metrics to monitor is the exit rate of your Web pages. There is a...

Bounce Rate Differs From Exit Rate

Web Analytics is fun, fascinating and important to your Web success - you know it is. It's also immensely confusing for many who get interested in measuring the actions being taken on their site. Let's look at a question that's...

Lower High Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is a key component to website success - especially for affiliate and performance marketers. If your landing pages have a bounce rate of 20-30% or thereabout, you are doing great - some small tweaks might be in order - but...

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