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The Meaning Behind Color - What Choice Evokes the Best Response

Color is one of the most fascinating things in the world. It attracts attention, evokes emotion and can trigger the memory. Something so powerful should not be taken lightly, especially when creating visual elements to a website, in...

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Search for an Online Identity

A major part of online marketing is establishing a strong brand identity, which means that consumers have to be able to easily find your online properties (websites, social media profiles, mobile sites, etc.) for you to see real success...

The All-new Myspace a Model of Rebranding

After taking an absolute beating in the social media space, MySpace has finally made a change. And, at first look, it's quite impressive. But before we dive into the details, let's back up a few years. Myspace was the hottest...

The Gap's Big Gaffe, and the Mobile Web for Your Business

The Gap suffered a branding debacle this week; we'll discuss what we can learn from it, and also some interesting news from AOL. Then, you'll hear our conversation with Giovanni Calabro of Siteworx on the mobile Web, mobile...

Three Highly Effective Home Pages: What We Can Learn

The website home page has gone through many transitions. We've seen the brochure-style page, the links-galore page and the Flash-frenzied page, to name a few. And, while many visitors come to sites through specific channels and...

Is Twitter a Branding Wasteland?

According to an analysis* by digital agency 360i, Twitter users have little interest in your brand. Examining tweets, 360i found that of 90 percent of messages sent by "real people" (non-businesses) just 12 percent even mention...

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Exploring Loyalty Programs and Their Many Benefits

Loyalty programs can be a highly effective way to build brand loyalty and encourage new brand advocates. From periodic discounts or rewards for promoting the brand, membership certainly has its benefits. And no one benefits more than...

Twitter Users Click Ads, Become Brand Advocates

Finding users who will not only interact with your brand but actually help you promote it is one of the hardest jobs of any Internet marketer. Who are these users and where do you find them? According to a new study from media research...

How Transparent is Too Transparent Lisa P. Maxwell?

Chicago branding agency Lisa P. Maxwell announced the launch of its new agency website. While I would normally shrug my shoulders and move on to something more pressing, this one caught my attention for a few reasons. Namely, the site...


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