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Affiliate Fraud is So Serious, AMs Need a Certification Now

Online compliance and brand protection service BrandVerity has announced it is now offering certifications for Affiliate Monitoring and Trademark Monitoring to users of its paid search monitoring software BrandVerity clients will essentially...

Trademark Bidding Tapers in Q1

Trademark bidding has tapered according to a new study from BrandVerity, causing brands to lose even more traffic on branded terms. The trademark protection and monitoring service provider conducted an analysis of branded keywords...

Is Your Traffic Being Diverted by Paid Search Ads?

Companies count on their signature products and services to draw crowds into their brick-and-mortar stores as well as Web traffic to their websites. However, when their trademarks and signature products are being used in other vendors...

Trademark & Brand Abuse Fears Pervade Holiday Season for Merchants

The 2012 shopping season is expected to be of an epic nature. Where there are profits to be made however, there will likely always be misuse in the form of trademark and brand infringement (or outright abuse) for Internet retailers...

Watch Out Affiliates; BrandVerity PoachMark Unveiled

BrandVerity announced the launch of PoachMark , a service to help identify and stop trademark abuse in paid search ads. PoachMark identifies the websites, keywords and affiliate IDs utilized by affiliates as they market through paid...


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