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LinkShare Affiliate Network Sees Explosive Growth

Rakuten LinkShare has announced that its various global performance marketing networks saw impressive growth throughout Q1 of 2012, with some of its strongest network sales coming from the United States, Canada, Japan and the United...

Oh, Canada: Changes Made to Anti-Spam Bill

For the average email user, anti-spam measures are viewed as a good thing. After all, most inboxes are already crammed with daily deals offers, marketing newsletters, e-commerce receipts and maybe even the occasional personal email...

Canadian Search Data through Searchmetrics

Search analytics software provider Searchmetrics has added Canada to its search performance index, giving search marketers visibility into their campaigns in Canada. Previously, search marketers seeking country-specific data or results...

Prepare for the Canadian Anti-Spam Law

The Canadian government has introduced a new bill called the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA) which creates a new set of rules for email marketing in Canada. The new law will not only apply to people sending from Canada...

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