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That's A Lot of Yuan for .CN

Of all the new gTLDs that will be released in the coming years, those with strong geographic implications stand to most greatly influence the market. Just take a look at what's happening now in China. Nicenic, which operates a...

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Shopping From China Set to Boom in U.S.

Retailers may soon see an increase in international conversions - from China. The official Shanghai Securities News reported that a source within the State Administration of Foreign Exchange had given "verbal permission"...

The NFL Tackles China

With training camp packed up and preseason in full swing, Americans are already sporting their team jerseys and will soon be plastered to their TV screens every Sunday. Yep, it’s officially football season. Thanks to an exclusive...

SEO for China from GinzaMetrics

Enterprsise SEO and content marketing platform GinzaMetrics is going global, extending support to Chinese search engines Baidu and Sogou. Baidu, Sogou and Google are now the default search engines for users selecting China as their...

Expanding to China: At What Cost?

In China, online retail sales surpassed 1.32 trillion yuan ($210.39 billion) in 2012, which is a 64.7 percent increase from the previous year. By any measurement, China is a hot e-commerce marketing, but U.S. businesses looking to...

Ebay Behind the Great Wall with XIU Partnership

Global Internet retailers get excited at the mere thought of promoting and advertising their products within China. Few have managed to take the neccesary steps however. Ebay is one that has and it is leading the charge in many respects...

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Microsoft Brings Azure Cloud OS to China

China’s increasingly important role in the future of the Internet and Web hosting just got a major seal of approval from Microsoft, who recently announced that it was going to bring its Windows Azure cloud-based operating system...

Different Strokes: Design Preferences in U.S. and China

Digital marketing agency Acquity Group has released its Global Usability Study that surveyed American and Chinese consumers on their website preferences to better understand online shopping behaviors of consumers in China. The findings...

SEO for Baidu

Now that Google is pulling its search and advertising from China, and its over 1.3 billion people, there's only one significant platform remaining available for Web dominance and that's Baidu. If you've considered getting...


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