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Leave Explicit SERP Feedback for Google

Google is on the hunt for content farms - sites with shallow or low quality content - announcing the release of an experimental Chrome extension for people to block sites from appearing in their Web search results. In addition to blocking...

The Browser Wars Get Bloody

The reason that it is important to pay attention to browser usage amoung Internet users is that it ultimately influences how Web professionals design and develop their Web properties. For the first time that I can remember, one of...

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Chrome Passes Safari; You Go Chrome

Web analytics provider StatCounter is reporting that Google's Chrome browser has overtaken Apple's Safari in the US for the first time. Research is from the firm's StatCounter Global Stats report for the week beginning...

23 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Professionals

As I was running some analytics reports early this week, I checked in on the number of visitors with the Chrome browser. Much to my surprise, the percentage has nearly tripled year over year to nearly 10% of all unique visits. That's...

The Most Popular Browser... in the World?

NetMarketShare, which monitors market share and usage of major Web browsers, has released their January 2010 report . They report reveals that IE (holds a solid 62.12% of all browser usage) followed by Firefox (24.13%), Chrome (5.22...

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Google Chrome Browser Market Share - Finding an Average

It's been over one year since Google launched Chrome and quite a bit has happened since: 51 developer releases, 21 beta releases or updates, and 15 stable releases or updates, Over 20,600 bugs filed, 50 Chrome Experiments, and...

Firefox With 20% Market Share In November (2008)

Net Applications reports that for the first time ever, the Firefox browser exceeded a 20% share for a full month. Microsoft's IE still led the way with 69.77%. Firefox at 20.78% was followed by Safari (7.13%), Chrome (0.83%) and...

Cross-Browser Testing For Chrome

Application experience management service Gomez announced that cross-browser testing for Google Chrome and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is available. Using Gomez's Reality View XF service, developers can now visualize how...

NetSuite Now Chrome Friendly

Business management software (ecommerce, CRM, accounting) provider NetSuite announceds its support for the Google Chrome Browser. The new Google Chrome Browser enhances the performance speed for AJAX-powered features of NetSuite, such...


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