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How to Select the Right Subscription Commerce Solution

By Craig Vodnik, cleverbridge The subscription business model has gone mainstream with companies like Dropbox, Netflix, Adobe and Zipcar because it offers a predictable, recurring revenue stream. However, in their eagerness to earn...

Encouraging E-commerce Efficiency, One Company's New Plan

E-commerce is a massive industry with companies scratching their virtual heads every day thinking of ways to be more efficient. Through their new partnership with ExactTarget , cleverbridge is hoping to have the answer. Cleverbridge...

Nine Critical Elements of a Confirmation Page

:: By Joe Schnaufer, cleverbridge :: We’ve all experienced it – after purchasing a product online we find ourselves unceremoniously dumped on a mostly empty page, perhaps with the sentence “Thank you for order.”...

Super Affiliates Sell What People Need

One of the secrets of successful selling is to offer what people really need (or at least think they need). With security threats rearing their ugly virtual heads with increasingly frequency, you might want to consider referring users...


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