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How 9 Well-Known Websites Looked Way Back When

There’s always a need to reflect. It shows us where we’ve been and helps us determine where we want to go. Web design is no different. The digital past teaches us plenty of lessons – fads we never should have adopted...

Flipboard Acquires ZITE, Partners with CNN

Flipboard announced earlier this month that it has acquired Zite, a popular news reader app for iOS and Android (and a competitor), from CNN. According to various sources, the deal was an all-stock transaction. Zite was purchased in...

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Building an Editorial Platform for the Forgotten User

:: By Matt Murphy, Director of Client Services at Ashe Avenue :: Editor’s Note: In a “content is King” era, brands are building editorial teams and content management systems (CMS) with little to no experience to...

SEO: The International Language of Success

If there's one characteristic that all cultures share it's the quest for information. So, it should come as no surprise that the most heavily trafficked websites across the world are search engines. Whether your business is...

MSN Jumps Aboard the Redesign Bandwagon

Several major media properties have undergone redesigns within the past year or so; including a handful of Tribune properties, and Now you can officially add MSN to the mix. And all of these redesigns share some commonalities;...


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