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Creative Collaboration With Designers

If you've ever been lucky enough to work one-on-one with a designer, you're fortunate in that you can express your vision directly and work with them to develop a final project that meets or exceeds expectations. Not everyone...

Brainstorming AND Collaboration with MeisterTask

Mind-mapping and brainstorming solution MindMeister has released MeisterTask, a Web-based collaboration tool that will enable workers to organize and manage tasks and workflow. Request Website Magazine's Free Weekly Newsletters...

Email Campaigns Get Collaborative at MailChimp

Email marketers understand the numerous company departments that must be involved with each and every campaign send - including business executives, sales personnel, designers and marketers. These Web professionals collaborate on content...

Mozilla's New TowTruck Collaboration Service in Focus

Mozilla Labs has just announced a noteworthy new project called TowTruck which will add a real-time collaboration service (or functionality) to any website. TowTruck is open-source and implmented in Javascript (and with just one line...

Simplifiy Web Page Reviews Among Creative Teams

It used to be that working collaboratively meant seemingly endless rounds of in-person meetings and an incessant need to keep in constant contact to ensure that everyone on your team was on the same page. Thanks to the Web and a slew...

Cross-Team Collaboration for Design and Development

Collaboration is a key element of successful design when working within a team. Fortunately, several powreful tools/platforms exist to facilitate much of the collaboration and they work wonders when it comes to documenting decisions...

Collaborative Apps Poised to Boom

Research from IDC reveals that the revenue for the collaborative applications market was $7.6 billion in 2009. The top three vendors which include Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco accounted for over 55 percent of the market total. This might...

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Get productive - Sosius Collaboration Solution

The Web has changed the way we work and there are many software solutions to make Web workers even more productive than they already are. I came across Sosius today, and after a quick tour, it's looking like a very powerful collaboration...


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