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E-Commerce: The Writer’s Role in Conversions

:: By Kristen Gramigna, BluePay :: Successful Web copywriting that results in conversion demands that a multitude of elements are met: Not only must copy be clever enough to draw customer attention; the use of appropriate keywords...

4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers

Not all of us our Web Hemingways, and not all of us try to be either. But when we’re responsible for our company’s marketing initiatives, we must not only put together coherent sentences, but we must also drive consumers...

Exclusive: Writing Better Copy for the Web 2.0 Landscape

by Bryan Eisenberg :: Being data-centric with the ability to use that data to communicate to your customers effectively and in a human way is an important way companies will differentiate themselves in the decades to come. The job...

Discovering a Better Call To Action

Web professionals must always be concerned with achieving multiple objectives - that will never change. Drawing people towards a website and keeping them coming back are often what dominates the headlines, but driving consumers through...

PPC Copywriting That Brings Quality Clickthroughs

By Karon Thackston , Marketing Words All clickthroughs are not created equal. Yet, that’s a common assumption by almost every pay-per-click (PPC) advertiser. That mistake could be costing you sales while also inflating your advertising...

Save Yourself - Spell Check On Your Own is a website tool that is getting some attention in the blogosphere, even though it's only in "beta-invite" mode. The solution spell checks websites and provides a monitoring service that regularly checks your...

Keep Your Copy Sharp

You hear it all the time: Content is King. And if you're a Website Magazine reader you've heard it here too. But you can have pages and pages of content that ends up harming your reputation if you're not careful. Misspellings...

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Effective Headline Writing

Studies show that only about one in five people read past the headline of an article. I would venture to guess that number is even lower when it comes to press releases. Especially in a point-and-click world, grabbing a user's...

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