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Go-To List for Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions

The Internet provides brands with a slew of measurable statistics they can leverage to see how they are performing in key areas, on certain projects or even with certain users or demographics. However, in order to see all of these...

The C.R.U.X of Conversion and Usability

By Joe Doveton, GlobalMaxer :: The C.R.U.X. of the Affair: How Conversion Rate Optimization Ended Up Getting Married to Usability, Despite Them Both Hating Each Other Those responsible for user experience (UXers) and those in charge...

Eyes on the Prize: Top Tracking Tools for Merchants

Have you ever wondered how your site is viewed through the eyes of your consumers? What if you could easily answer questions like, "Where do the most clicks happen?" and "How far do consumers scroll down?" Not only...

Website Heat Maps – Three Key Lessons

Website heat maps are used to give designers insights into which areas of a Web page are most frequently used by visitors. By understanding how visitors interact with a website's elements, developers can improve the site's...

Analyzing Where Users Click - Open Source Heatmap Cannoli

Where are users "clicking" on your page? Using heat maps is perhaps the easiest way to determine where users are clicking. Many analytics solutions have added the functionality to their set of core features, so you may be...


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