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Deliver Relevant Digital Experiences Across the Globe

SDL has unveiled version 2.0 of its SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC), which aims to provide companies with more insights into customer behavior and preferences so that they can increase engagement throughout the entire customer...

E-Commerce in 2024: 3 Future-Proof Retailers

By James Keller, Vee24 Shoppers, now more than ever, are craving a personalized shopping experience that goes far beyond what they currently receive in store or online. It is no surprise that Accenture’s ‘ The Rise of Me...

Take the Customer Journey Alongside Them

The very foundation of customer experience management is all about trying to figure out what it is customers actually care about, why they commit to the actions they do, what triggers their behaviors and, of course, how to turn all...

Customer Experience & the Importance of Support

Research released last week from Oracle reveals just how essential customer experience is for driving revenue growth and differentiating a brand in a globalized economy. The report revealed that 81% of consumers are willing to pay...

A Clear Case for the Commerce Cloud

Consumer demands continue to drive technology innovation while e-commerce managers and Internet professionals try to keep pace with their evolving behavior and growing number of touch points. Whether accessed through a tablet, a mobile...

Improve Customer Experience One Location at a Time

Working with customers can be difficult, and no one knows this more than location managers who often have to act as mediators between a company and its patrons. That's why it is always nice to have a little help, which is what...

Heatmaps - It’s Getting Hot in Here

Leveraging Heat Maps for Optimal Customer Experience, Better Design and Deeper Engagement The benefits of using, analyzing and understanding heat maps are numerous. The data gathered can offer proof as to where visitors do and do not...


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