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Better Looking Digital Pubs with Amazon KF8 Format

The digital world of ebooks is about to get a lot more attractive. Amazon just announced that several new features, including HTML5 support, will be arriving in Kindle Format 8 (KF8) – the upcoming file format that will replace...

PixelMags Offers HTML5 Compatibility to Advertisers

PixelMags , the content distribution software and publishing tools provider, has recently amped up its Ad Network, Ads by PixelMags, by introducing full HTML5 advertisements. The company specializes in magazine application publishing...

Newsstand App Coming from Digital Publishing Suite

I don't know how something like this hasn't been developed yet for the iPad, and how it wasn't Apple that jumped on the idea, but Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite is currently developing Newsstand, a brand new application...

Medialets Ad Platform & Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Last week Adobe announced that it expects to integrate the Medialets mobile advertising platform software developer kit (SDK) with Adobe® Content Viewer software in the Enterprise Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Using...

The eBook is Back at B&N e-Bookstore

Who said eBooks were dead? Bookseller Barnes & Noble just launched a dedicated ebookstore and while it may not be the perfect venue to promote products and service for Web professionals, it may just signal the return of the ebook...


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