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Saving Display: Ads Get Social at SiteScout

Banner ads never did receive much in the way of click-throughs and as such advertisers (and the publishers that support them) are on the look out for anything that might reverse the long and tedious slide of display into obscurity...

Display Ad Builder from Google the Salvation of Display

Google has announced several improvements to its Display Ad Builder, a service (launched in ’08) which enables advertisers to design display ads for free. Improvements to the platform include: Bulk copying and editing: Advertisers...

Yahoo Launches Display Ad Marketplace

Display advertising, once the darling of Internet marketing, fell out of favor as the rise of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising began. That may soon change as Yahoo! today launched Yahoo! My Display Ads , a self-serve display ad marketplace...

Google Display Ad Builder Improves with Rich Media & Video

Google made several notable improvements to its AdWords display ad builder. With a focus on bringing richer content, interaction and tracking to display ads, the new Rich Media and video templates will provide advertisers with the...

Google Display Ad Builder Improvements

Google has made some significant improvements to its AdWords display ad builder . Advertisers were previously able to create and customize display ads, but the enhancements enable users to make building display ads even easier. Features...


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