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Innovative: Chat within Banner Ads

The phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" must have been coined in a recession (or a depression), as there are some very creative solutions coming to market with the aim to go beyond generating awareness, and instead...

Google Display Ad Builder Improves with Rich Media & Video

Google made several notable improvements to its AdWords display ad builder. With a focus on bringing richer content, interaction and tracking to display ads, the new Rich Media and video templates will provide advertisers with the...

New Display Advertising Units

The Online Publishers Association thinks that online display advertising needs a face lift, one that will "meet the needs of marketers by better integrating their messages into the fabric of the Web." The proposed new advertising...

Advertising Simplified at iPromote

It's amazing that despite the economic gloom and doom, innovation has not seemed to stop one iota - especially when it comes to advertising. While pundits from coast to coast don't believe that online advertising will ever...

AdBrite Launches Cost-Per-Click Auction for Graphical Ads

AdBrite announced today the launch of a cost-per-click (CPC) auction for graphical banner ads. Advertisers can now pay for graphical banner advertising in the same way they pay for search placements and text ads -- paying only when...

Uncovering Consumers' Real Online Ad Preferences

iPerceptions announced the results of a study that reveals insights into which types of online ads are popular with consumers. The analytics company collected user-generated feedback from 14,000+ visitors on consumer advertising preferences...

Advertise On Branded Content Sites; Duh!

Across a wide range of advertising metrics, branded content sites outscored Internet industry norms for the Internet 41 out of 43 times according to a research report ( Improving Ad Performance Online: The Impact of Advertising on...


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