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Social Proof in Social Ads

Online retailers would be wise not to ignore the impact of social proof. Social proof is essentially a “psychological phenomenon" where people assume that what others are doing is the correct behavior in a given situation...

Yahoo's Mobile Evolution

Yahoo is rolling out a new suite of services designed for mobile developers to analyze, advertise, monetize and enhance their apps. In addition to a new "exploration" interface for its Flurry Analytics product (which Yahoo...

Google Unveils Magazine Ad Format

Google is shaking up the online advertising industry once again, as the company has unveiled a new display-only format called magazine ads. The new format enables text advertisers to increase competition on display-only ad units with...

Efficient Frontier Puts Adobe Atop Premier Marketing Suites

Adobe has added another layer to its suite of digital marketing and advertising solutions with the acquisition of Efficient Frontier. The acquisition provides Adobe with multi-channel ad campaign forecasting, execution and optimization...

Bullish on Social Media Advertising

According to the "US Local Media Annual Forecast (2010-2015)", a report rom BIA/Kelsey, social media ad spend will more than double, to 21.9 percent of all digital ad spend by 2015. The report also predicts that Facebook...

Display Ad & SEM Study from iProspect

Despite considerable speculation about the relationship between search engine marketing and online display advertising, findings from a new study from iProspect indicate that the two channels have a closer relationship than many marketers...


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