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Disqus Brings Programmatic Mindset to its Discussion Platform

Programmatic and native are the buzzwords that will take digital marketers and Internet advertisers into 2015 - they are the trends shaping the industry, its economics and how brands engage with their audiences. When you find a promotional...

2013: Social SEO Required

Good SEOs can no longer ignore social. It may have been possible last year, while search engines were still experimenting with the incorporation of social signals into their algorithms, but in 2013, Social SEO is required. The Web...

Discussing the Differences: Disqus vs. IntenseDebate

Everybody loves to share their opinions on the Internet, and a guaranteed way to ensure your success as an online content publisher is to provide them with a forum to do just that. Commenting systems allow affiliates and content publishers...

Staying Social in 2013

Over the last few years social networks have made a huge impact on how businesses operate (to say the least), and Web workers should know that there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon. Not only do most businesses...

Pseudonyms and Social Profiles

Do you use your real name when you post comments on the Web? According to some recent data released by Disqus, the answer is a resounding no. Disqus, a platform for online commenting communities, found that the most important contributors...

Plug Into Better Commenting With Intense Debate

Are you using a blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger, or TypePad? Third-party commenting solution Intense Debate announced the release of several plugins for its service which may help you leverage the power of commenting on...

WordPress Gets Threaded Comments

Another release of WordPress (version 2.7) is expected to be released this week. The big development is the addition of threaded comments. Threaded, or nested comments, are a way of displaying comments that allow visitors to reply...


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