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DiscoveryDNS Offers Greater Control Over DNS Systems

Last October, ARI Registry Services announced plans to expand its line of DNS services, and on Sunday, at ICANN’s 46th public meeting in Beijing, ARI took the next step by unveiling its new DiscoveryDNS brand. DiscoveryDNS is a...

Learn to Mitigate DDoS Attacks

Distributed Reflection Denial of Service (DrDoS) attacks – a method which has been used for more than a decade – have recently surged in popularity across a number of verticals. Prolexic, which provides DDoS protection services, recently...

Test DNS Servers Against Known Security Flaw today announced DNS Vulnerability Check, a tool that verifies whether DNS servers are vulnerable to the critical DNS flaw. This flaw allows attackers to poison a DNS server cache by injecting it with forged data -- making...

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