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Seasonal Fluctations in Domain Parking

Does the time of year impact how much domainers can expect to earn from their parked domains? Apparently so, according to recent findings from on the seasonality of parking revenues. The summers months, according to...

Domain Parking for Charity with Rikimu

Those actively buying and selling domain names (for profit, of course) have a new option for parking those assets - Rikimu . Domain parking has really fallen out of vogue as Google openly admitted to penalizing parked sites almost...

Google Retiring AdSense for Domains

The end of domain parking is near. Google last month indicated that parked domains were in their crosshairs and would be deprecated on the search results pages. And the fight waged against domain parking is continuing as Google has...

Cash Back Program from Afternic (Domains)

Domain name marketplace Afternic (a NameMedia company) announced a "Cash Back" program for domain name owners who park and sell through their Domain Listing Services (DLS). Domain names parked for a minimum of 14 days become...

The Evolution of Domain Parking

NameMedia launched a content site development option for domain name developers (domainers) through its online publishing platform at Publishers now have access to a more than 20,000 sources of content (e.g. articles...

CPXpi for Domain Portfolio Holders

Online ad network CPX Interactive has developed a software solution that offers domain monetization and service providers the ability to offer their client domainers URL-level performance and revenue insight into their domain portfolios...

A Few Good Domain Parking Solutions

I've been on a domain buying rampage the past few weeks and have been investigating a few domain parking solutions. A few are pretty standard in that they simply offer paid advertising links on the domain, usually with a direct...


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