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Monetize and Manage Your Domain Name Portfolios

Domainer Income is a new resource designed to help domain name investors find, analyze and buy domain names while also trying to monetize and manage their growing portfolios. The new site boasts what is arguably the largest central...

Weekend Warrior: Buying Websites vs Building Links

How much time did you spend over the past year building links to your website? If you are serious about SEO, then chances are high that it was quite a few hours. For some, link building is the sole focus of their business life. But...

eNom Resellers - GoDaddy Reseller Killer?

Wholesale domain registrar eNom launched a new online storefront solution, dubbed Instant Reseller, which enables users to create their own private-label reseller business. Resellers receive a hosted website and storefront (shopping...

Domain Market Study

Sedo announced yesterday the results of its annual Secondary Domain Market Study (PDF) . In 2008, top selling domains yielded $77 million in revenue - an 8% sales increase over the $72 million total from 2007. Sedo's list of highest...

The .Tel Landrush Opens

ICANN accredited domain name registrar DomainPeople is urging people to preregister their .tel domain names. I can figure out virtually no circumstances where buying a .tel domain would be a reasonable investment, other than for the...

AdSense for Domains Open to All

Google has formally announced the expansion of AdSense for domains, a program which allows publishers to earn advertising revenue from undeveloped (read parked) domains. As you might imagine, the many domain parking companies are not...

This One's For the .CA Domainers

Over 100 dot ca (.ca) domains are being auctioned off at . The list of domains is actually quite impressive which is what sparked this post. Many are quite rare (their .com counterparts would most likely sell in the millions...


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