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Moving a Website to a New Host

:: By Robert Wright :: Problems with hosted websites often lead site owners to wonder how difficult it is to change Web hosts. Their frustration may be related to a variety of issues associated with the website’s performance...

Making a Name for Yourself Online: Auctions, Cybersquatters & Carving Out Your Internet Domain

:: By Kathy Brahm, DreamHost :: The fact is, neither the inventors of the Internet nor Al Gore could have seen any of this coming. The Domain Name System of the Internet was not designed for a world where not just every commercial...

gTLDs Gone Wild – Site Names in the Age of .Unicorns and .Ninjas and What it Means for Businesses

:: By Kathy Brahm, DreamHost :: What’s in a domain name? Would flowers from smell as sweet if the site were called As ICANN continues the release hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs...

From the Trenches: gTLD Roll-Out [Q&A]

Whether you're watching every ICANN move or are simply showing passing interest in the new generic top-level domains, there's a brand advantage to understanding the domain roll-outs and their impact on your industry. Simon...

8 Great Green Hosting Providers

Selecting a Web host is a tough decision that affects a website’s success and the environment. After all, the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV. Let’s look at eight environmentally conscious hosts. A server...

DreamHost's Cloud Storage Service Goes Beta

DreamHost , the Web hosting and cloud computing company, is diving into the cloud-based object storage industry with its new DreamObjects service, which is built upon the open source Ceph file system originally developed by –...


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