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Website Magazine Hot Tip: Send a Welcome E-mail

These days, consumers are bombarded with requests to sign up for e-mail newsletters; handing over their e-mail addresses and risking future annoyances. Want to test out our new product? Enter your e-mail address. Want to leave a comment...

WM Radio: October Issue Preview, Creating Memes

Get a sneak preview of Website Magazine's October, 2010, issue which covers YouTube marketing, e-commerce preparations for the holiday season, e-mail metrics and more. Also, we discuss creating Internet memes and offer up some...

Relevancy Rules in E-mail Marketing

A recent study by ExactTarget shows that e-mail is still one of the most effective (and accepted) ways to market to consumers. Their survey of more than 1,500 consumers found that 93 percent are subscribers -- meaning they have provided...

E-mail with Social Features Boosts Click-through Rates

Over the past several months, many industry voices are surmising that social media messaging could one day replace e-mail. While that might seem far-fetched, recent research* from e-mail marketing company GetResponse shows that social...

The Inside Scoop on E-mail Subscribers

The advantages of e-mail marketing are many - for starters, it's targeted, direct and measurable. But it's extremely important to know the minds of consumers when crafting an e-mail strategy. Miss the mark and you can easily...

E-Mail Encryption Service

Emailing confidential or sensitive information unencrypted is just asking for trouble. While large corporate and governmental email users have various means of sending secure email messages and attachments at their disposal (usually...


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