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5 Tips for Acquiring Responsive Subscribers

When it comes to launching a successful email marketing campaign, obtaining a large email list is only half the battle. Ensuring your subscribers are high quality is just as important - if not more important - as maintaining a large...

15 Email Segmentation Methods

When it comes to preparing your email marketing campaigns and then analyzing all of the traffic that you receive from them, it can quickly become an overwhelming task that is devoid of all of the regular charm of email marketing. Somewhere...

Find Publishers on the Same Wavelength

If you need help finding another newsletter publisher to partner with in order to increase your brand’s reach, look no further than MailChimp. The email marketing provider has launched a new service called Wavelength , which...

Clean Up Your Email Lists

A large email list is not very valuable if the subscribers never open your content. In fact, a low open rate can even affect your sender reputation, which means that it is a good idea for marketers to continuously groom their email...


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