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Valuing Consumer Input Makes All the Difference

A new study from Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions provider Empathica Inc. reveals that despite a strong desire to provide feedback, consumers are disappointed by brands’ lack of responsiveness. The Consumer Insight...

Are You (Really) Listening to Customer Feedback?

A survey of more than 6,500 U.S. consumers found that despite a high desire to provide feedback, most are disenchanted by brands’ lack of responsiveness. The results of the study from customer experience management firm Empathica...

Social Media Advocacy and Recommendations

Customer experience management (CEM) is one of the Web's trends du jour . Online professionals are eating it up, and software developers are all too ready to serve it on a silver platter. To develop a fully realized experience...

How to Compete with Big Box Retailers

While most consumers won’t stop visiting big box retailers any time soon, a new study offers e-commerce merchants insights into why these shopping destinations are so popular, as well as what turns customers off. The Consumer...

Improve Customer Experience One Location at a Time

Working with customers can be difficult, and no one knows this more than location managers who often have to act as mediators between a company and its patrons. That's why it is always nice to have a little help, which is what...


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