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5+ Mobile-Personalization Services to Know

Smartphones have become one of the most valuable tools for shoppers. These handheld devices can be used to not only find businesses on the go, but also to make purchases, research products and compare prices while in stores. All of...

The Impact of Enhanced Campaigns on Ad Spend, CPCs

The release of Google Enhanced Campaigns has been one of the most important developments in the digital advertising space over the past 10 years. But what impact is it having on Internet professionals, their brands' advertising...

Experts Speak on Enhanced Campaigns

When Google formally released its Enhanced Campaigns advertising model to the digital world, it received a mixed reception. As industry experts become more familiar with the platform's features and functionality, however, best...

Bid Adjustment Reports for Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns went live this week and all seems relatively quiet on the digital frontlines – translation: nobody’s panicking (at least not yet). Today Google and its Adwords team announced a new feature...

Common Google Ad Extensions for E-Commerce Merchants

Google Ad extensions give potential customers more reasons to click on paid search ads. By including additional information, such as contact information, more website links or special offers, advertisers can meet the demands of information...

5 Oughta Knows About Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s new enhanced campaigns provide marketers with a better way to advertise across devices in our increasingly mobile world. This is because enhanced campaigns allow marketers to manage ads across devices, locations and...


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