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Gen Z: Digital Natives but Naive to Ads

Despite the very real concerns about ad blocking's impact on publisher revenue, younger audiences may not be using the tech after all. Recently, eZanga conducted research across 1,200 members of Gen Z (post millennials) to discern...

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eZanga Puts Click Fraud in Its Sights

For as long any many of us can remember, click fraud has been the bane of the digital advertising experience. Make no mistake, it's still here, but its impact is lessening thanks in great part to the maturing technologies of our...

Exact Match and Negative Keywords Arrive in eZanga's AdPad

Digital ad network eZanga has released three new features to its AdPad platform. The solution now offers negative keywords and exact keyword match to help advertisers more efficiently target and optimize their keyword lists and reach...

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eZanga Contextual Arrives (Too Late?)

Search advertising company Ezanga has added a contextual offering to its suite of services. The contextual advertising technology enables advertisers to specify a target audiences (geographic and demographic) based on marketing goals...

eZanga Strengthens Service Offerings

Online advertising and services company, Inc. announced the selection of (a dedicated web hosting service provider charged with managing eZanga's infrastructure) and (a high performance...

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