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Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Facebook continues to limit what people see from brands in their news feeds – leaving many companies to consider how to “pay to play” on the social network since they can't rely on organic reach. For those businesses...

Why Hate PPC and Social Media Advertising?

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: Last week Chris R. left a comment stating that paid search will always outperform SEO. With that comment, we could dive into the never-ending debate of SEO vs. PPC and how social media is becoming...

Best Retargeting Strategies & the Twitter Opportunity

By Moazzam Adnan of VPS & Cloud Hosting Provider Atlantic.Net The “ Rule of 7 ” is one of the most prominent concepts in marketing. The basic idea is that to convert a new customer, you have to express your marketing...

Social Content Discovery & Facebook

Social media provides a glimpse into what people are talking about, thinking about and actually, physically doing. From attending sporting events to watching movies in the comfort of their home, an incredible number of these conversations...

Social Media Ad Spending is Soaring

According to analysis by eMarketer, U.S. social media ad spending will surpass $3 billion in 2011. That's an astonishing jump, compared to $1.99 billion reported for 2010, and a full $1 billion more than eMarketer's last estimate...

Facebook is UK's Biggest Display Ad Market

ComScore released an overview of the UK online display advertising market for Q3 2010, which not only showed strong gains for the medium as a whole but also lists Facebook as the UK's single largest display ad publisher on the...

Facebook Advertising Basics | Social Promotions

Let's move beyond traditional search engine marketing for a moment and focus on another very viable opportunity in Facebook advertising. It might be the largest social network site ever developed and is ripe with social marketing...


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