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Facebook Quality Checklist

By Matt Hensler, Hensler Integrated Marketing We all know the saying, “Content is King”, but what about quality vs. quantity? Quality is Queen and Facebook is onto it. Facebook recently announced its new algorithm would...

Crafting an SEO-Friendly Facebook Page

Facebook is gradually becoming the standard, go-to destination for consumers that are interested in learning about a brand. In fact, according to an infographic from the marketing research company Lab42, 50 percent of consumers say...

Better Facebook Data For Brands

Web analytics provider Webtrends , has released Hoverstats, a free tool that will essentially add a new layer of data for brands to evaluate their Facebook performance. The core feature of Hoverstats is its Post Strength Indicator...

Facebook's Page Browser

Facebook has an interesting feature that you might not know about - recommended page subscriptions, or the Facebook Page Browser. Essentially, its a page of Facebook Pages that are recommended to you based on your Facebook site activity...

Facebook Peak Times for Business

By now we all know that Facebook is dominating the world. It won't be long until Facebook implants are installed at birth and Mark Zuckerberg demands a framed photo in every living room. Well, maybe that's a little extreme...


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