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Free, Fast and Other Considerations for Holiday Shipping

What do consumers want free and fast? Shipping, of course, which is not new news for e-commerce retailers, but shoppers’ propensity toward the latter may come as a surprise, particularly when it comes to their willingness to...

QUICK HIT: Shipping Rates on the Rise

Some expensive news for 'Net retailers came out last week - FedEx indicated it will increase shipping rates next year. Retailers can expect a 3.9 percent average increase at FedEx air shipping Express division and 4.9 percent for...

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FedEx Customers Victims of Social Engineering Malware Attack

You would think that business professionals would be savvy enough to spot a phishing attempt, but it seems no one is safe anymore. The Comodo Threat Research Labs announced they have identified a malware attack that was targeted at...

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FedEx Brings Surcharge to Big Packages

FedEx announced that starting June 1, an extra charge on packages 48 inches or more long (instead of 60 inches) will be set in place. “We are seeing a significant increase in non-traditional items now being purchased online,...

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SEO Battle: UPS Vs. FedEx (1 Year Later)

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: When we compared the SEO efforts of UPS and FedEx last year, UPS edged out FedEx with a final score of 9 to 8. Much has changed in the one year since that comparison, so let's see how these...

Are You Ready to Take Your SMB Global?

The Internet has opened a plethora of opportunities for e-commerce businesses to take their brand international. However, in order to capture a global audience, businesses must learn how international consumers prefer to shop. Global...

Thanksgiving Online 2013: How to Keep Black Friday in the Black

: By Atchison Frazer, KEMP Technologies : Black Friday, a term, believed to have first been used in the 1960s, got its name from the use of black ink for profits and red ink for losses in the retailers’ accounts. Black Friday...

Usablenet Walks the Runway with Mobile Experience

If you have a minute, grab your smartphone (preferably a newer smartphone) and type in “” in your browser (preferably Safari). If you meet the aforementioned criteria, you’ve arrived at one of the...

FedEx Resume Printing - Free Today!

Not that the economy has you worried or anything, but if you're on the lookout for a new job and are interested in not having to pay for a few extra copies, FedEx has your back with free resume printing. Visit a FedEx Office (formerly...


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