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6 Virtual Fitting Rooms to Try On

:: By Allison Howen :: When it comes to shopping for apparel – size matters. Internet retailers, however, don’t have the luxury of traditional fitting rooms that enable shoppers to try on items prior to making purchasing...

3 Ways to Cater to Digital Customers in 2014

As the Web progresses, the expectations of digital consumers keep growing. Not only is it vital for merchants to offer personalized shopping experiences nowadays, but they must also make their products available to consumers in a variety...

Crash Course in Guided Shopping

Internet retailers face unique challenges when trying to guide consumers through the sales cycle. Unlike their brick-and-mortar counterparts, e-commerce stores don’t have sales associates walking the floor to identify the customers...

Product Showcase Platforms in Focus

When it comes to showcasing products on the 'Net, merchants need to think outside of the box. This means that in addition to using basic best practices, such as providing high-quality product images with zoom and rotating features...

The Future of E-Commerce: Virtual Fitting Rooms, a virtual fitting room provider for online clothing retailers, is breaking barriers with innovative technology that has already caught on through parts of Europe. The company claims that the aggregation of with an...


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