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Designing a Footer that Doesn’t Say “Goodbye”

:: By Tina Yeung, Growth Spark :: Are footers out-of-date or can we make them better? The truth is, footers have been underestimated. We just don’t think too much about them but if we are trying to find ways to improve the Web...

Developers: Stop Putting Your Links in the Footers of Clients’ Sites

:: By Bart Mroz, SUMO Heavy Industries :: Whenever I buy a new car, I insist the dealership remove its emblem and license plate frame from the back. I’m paying enough for this vehicle that I don’t intend it to be a rolling...

Look Out Below! 15 Fabulous Footer Designs

One of the most literally overlooked aspects of website design are footers, the area at the very bottom of a page that provides information and links to other areas of the site or outside Web properties (such as social media profiles...


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