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Freemium Works; MailChimp Proves It

Kudos are in order for Atlanta based email service provider MailChimp which passed the 500,000 user mark. The company is attributing much of its growth to the wildly popular freemium offering it offered in September 2009 (which Website...

Freemium Models and Partnerships

The debate regarding offering products and services as a freemium rages on. The model of many Web 2.0 style sites, freemiums are by far the prominent choice (78%) for those looking to weather the economic downturn (compared to 27%...

Free Hugs: Competing Against The Freemium

Web entrepreneurs have a difficult choice to make with the release of every new service. Should it be offered complimentary to bring in streams of users or should we charge for it with an aim of adding to profitability? Let's look...

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