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Facebook Dominating Social Login [Infographic]

Facebook is the social network of choice for consumers leveraging social login. In fact, a recent Gigya study reveals that in Q1 2014, Facebook powered 51 percent of social logins in North America. Coming in second was Google, which...

Gigya's Momentum Signals Social Login is Here to Stay

What's more difficult than managing customers? Getting them to sign up in the first place. Fortunately, thanks to a new breed of technology, it's at least a little easier today than in the past. Solutions including Janrain...

3 Ways to Cater to Digital Customers in 2014

As the Web progresses, the expectations of digital consumers keep growing. Not only is it vital for merchants to offer personalized shopping experiences nowadays, but they must also make their products available to consumers in a variety...

In Social Login, Facebook Crushes the Competition

Consumer management solution provider Gigya released data last month from Q3 2013 (July to September) which revealed that while Google/Google+ is making some strong gains, Facebook is destroying the competition when it comes to social...

The Master List of Conversion Tools for Merchants

Conversions are like puzzles, because in order to obtain a sale, merchants must first put all of the right "pieces" into place. These pieces include anything that directly affects the user-experience or a prospect’s...

A More Social Infrastructure with Gigya

Social media isn't just Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but also the actual website itself. And the more social you make websites, the more engaging the digital experience can be made for users. Social infrastructure provider Gigya...

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Google+ Sign-In Available at Janrain and Gigya

Social sign-in has been a helpful feature to site owners and visitors alike – it enables visitors to log into a website with existing social profiles, while also increasing engagement levels and enabling site owners to gather valuable...

WM Morning Wire: 10-15-08

Welcome to October 15th, 2008! Tonight's the last presidential debate so head on over to and see how your political views compare to the candiates. AND, today is also Blog Action Day , so if you've got the inclination...


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