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Google Display Ad Builder Improves with Rich Media & Video

Google made several notable improvements to its AdWords display ad builder. With a focus on bringing richer content, interaction and tracking to display ads, the new Rich Media and video templates will provide advertisers with the...

Adwords Interface Changes (Beta)

Google made several live enhancements to its Adwords offering and is expanding its beta test to include more advertisers. Features of the partial beta roll out include: Performance graphs will help advertisers identify trends over...

Google's New Behavioral Ad Model

As long as anyone would listen, I've been saying that Google is nothing more than a behavioral advertising company. Today, they proved it. Google has announced new capabilities that will help advertisers reach an even more highly...

Link AdWords To Analytics

Adwords clients using Google Analytics to track the performance of their campaigns will need to link those two accounts before March 4, 2009. This update will require that your AdWords and Analytics accounts are linked and that you...

Adwords Editor 6.5 Released

Google released version 6.5 of its Adwords Editor . The release includes a few navigation changes (column auto-sizing, horizontal scrolling, column selection and a data picker) but the most noteworthy development is the release of...

WM Morning Wire: 10-7-08

Welcome to October 7th, 2008! Below are a few press release that caught our attention this morning that you might find interesting. We'll be covering some of these releases throughout the day. If you have a news announcement you...

Google Adwords Search Volume Data

Google announced that it has added search volume data to its AdWords Keyword Tool . The tool previously provided the amount of advertiser competition but now includes the ability to check the approximate number of search queries performed...


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