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Q&A: How GAN's Retirement Impacts You

Marketers were shocked in mid-April with the news that Google planned to retire the Google Affiliate Network. As they say, however, when one door closes... With that in mind, Integrate SVP of Advertiser Relations, Kyle Gale, offers...

Google Affiliate Network Retires

Google rocked the affiliate world last night with the announcement that it has made the "difficult decision" to retire Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving results. While the search giant...

Google's Affiliate Ads Cross the Pond

Earlier in 2012, Google launched Affiliate Ads through its Google Affiliate Network for Blogger users in the United States. The program was such a smashing success that the company has decided to ship Affiliate Ads across the Atlantic...

eBay Alternative Swoopo on Google Affiliate Network

It's not often that we write about specific affiliate programs, but due to some special circumstances (we're mentioning one of the companies in the upcoming April issue) it caught our attention and thought we'd bring it...

Google Affiliate Network (GAN) Updates

The Google Affiliate Network (known in affiliate circles as GAN) announced some new features including product data feed setup in the UI and link subscriptions (formerly orange links) and will begin offering batch creative uploads...


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