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Google Consumer Surveys Arrive, Publishers Rejoice-ish

Google has a new program available for website owners looking to generate some additional revenue from their content. The Google Consumer Surveys program will pay publishers for completed surveys, used most often as paywall alternatives...

Tabs Make Inbox Management Easier for Millennials

Gmail’s new tabbed inbox has changed the way messages are delivered to subscribers, and while this has aggravated some email marketers, a new survey shows a positive adoption of the new mailbox format among millennials. The study...

The Master List of Conversion Tools for Merchants

Conversions are like puzzles, because in order to obtain a sale, merchants must first put all of the right "pieces" into place. These pieces include anything that directly affects the user-experience or a prospect’s...

Monetize Content with Microsurvey Tool from Google

Google’s new microsurvey tool, Google Consumer Surveys, is not only bringing in valuable consumer feedback to brands, but also helping website owners monetize their content. Google Consumer Surveys enables companies to ask question...


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