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86 Google Search Changes; Four Key Trends

Google has released another (very) big list of search quality changes (86 in total) that took place in June and July of 2012. Instead of detailing each and every one of the changes (which can be cumbersome and, well, boring), let's...

Google SEO: 52 New Changes to Know

Google has released a long list of changes that the search engine made in April 2012, and many are directly related to how search engine optimization professionals will engage in their profession post Penguin. Website Magazine has...

Everflux SEO & Post Penguin Predictions

Google’s latest round of algorithm changes, which affects just 3 percent of queries, is now known as the Penguin update. The latest sweep of the SERPs penalized spinners and spammers , and sends a clear message about what the...

Google SEO: Algorithm Changes - February 2012

Google announced several (40, in fact) search algorithm changes it made in the month of February 2012. The changes (which, as mentioned in previous announcements, now come with codenames for easier reference) address a variety of user...

Google Update - Buckle Up For Dewey

Many SEO's are noticing some major shifts in their rankings this morning at Google. Early reports are of a major update (now being dubbed "Dewey") which began last night and is continuing throughout the morning. During...

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