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5 Things to Do When Your Company Gets Hacked

:: By Phil Phillips, Experts Exchange :: It’s a feeling that socks you right in the stomach, and just keeps pounding – you have been hit by a hacker. Over the last seven years in which I have managed our company’s...

Cover Your Assets. It’s Time to Review Your Website Security.

:: By Marlene Byrne, Celtic Chicago :: The news of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords being hacked has the world tossing up digital red flags. It’s more eminent than ever for website managers to employ security protection best...

The Game of Hacks

Application security firm Checkmark has launched a game for software developers and security pros to test their app hacking skills, improve their code security know-how and facilitate better security practices. Available for desktop...

Web Hacking and Malware

Breach Security announced a steep rise in attacks against social networking sites, according to the Web Hacking Incidents Database (WHID) 2009 Bi-Annual Report. Social networking sites, accounting for 19 percent of hacking incidents...

WordPress Firewall Plugin

SEO egghead Jamie Sirovich just posted about his new WordPress Firewall Plugin. Getting hacked creates a lot of work, so using a firewall (any firewall) is going to save you a lot of headaches down the road - especially if you're...

Hacker Attacks Increasing

SecureWorks reports they have seen a 161% increase in the number of attempted hacker attacks they are blocking for their retail clients. Attempted attacks increased from an average of 56,000 per client per month in the first six months...

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