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Simplifying Big Data and Analytics Processes

Dell has unveiled a new solution that is helping to simplify big data and analytics processes for new Hadoop users. The solution, which is co-designed with Cloudera and Syncsort and is powered by Intel, streamlines the planning, design...

And Presto; an Open-Source SQL-on-Hadoop Engine from Facebook

Facebook announced that it is taking its SQL query engine for Hadoop, dubbed Presto, open source. The offering is widely considered far faster than other data warehouse frameworks including Hive, which Facebook actually developed several...

What's New with Hadoop? Big Data Supercomputing

More than four years in the making, the Apache Software Foundation announced the general availability of Hadoop 2.0 this week and it will likely be a significant advancement in how Hadoop is used for collecting and managing big data...

Hadoop Growth Stats to Know (and Share)

The global market for Hadoop, the now immensely popular parallel distributed processing middleware technology, is booming and all signs point to exceptionally high growth in the future. A new report (from Markets and Markets) indicates...

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The Future Looks Bright for Hadoop MapReduce

The big data boom has changed a lot on the Web. Most notably, it has spurred the creation and development of many new technologies, and none of them has made a bigger impact than the Apache Hadoop open source software framework. As...

Hadoop Projects of Note

The beauty of an open source platform like Apache Hadoop is that it can always be altered, built upon, and expanded to make it beneficial and productive to all of its users. As the premier, go-to software for the distributed processing...

Who's Using Hadoop?

This lack of down-to-Earth, nitty gritty details on how Apache Hadoop works and who uses it may make it seem more elusive than it really is, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hadoop isn’t the exclusive Web technology...

Hadoop and HBase for Infolinks

Here’s one news items that both the developer community and Internet marketers might find interesting. Online in-text advertising service Infolinks has implemented Hadoop and HBase to their system. I know, exciting right? Actually...


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