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Freelancer Hiring Grows by 51% at Elance [Infographic]

Hiring through global online staffing platform Elance has grown 51 percent since last year, according to data from the company’s semi-annual Global Online Employment Report. This growth highlights the rising demand for skilled...

Analytics - The Hiring Trend to Watch in 2013

One hiring priority that has quickly emerged over the past year is that of the data analyst. According to a recently released Hiring Survey , those familiar with analytics are the fourth largest talent pool (within the tech...

Linux Skills Are In High Demand

The Linux Foundation and conducted a joint research study to understand the hiring outlook for Linux professionals – and it’s quite rosy. Of the 2,000 survey respondents, more than 8 in 10 (81 percent) said that...

Hiring Demand for Cloud Computing

If you’re a developer looking for work, you better look to the cloud. According to Wanted Analytics , it’s to the cloud that the jobs are moving. The business intelligence provider for the talent marketplace is reporting...

Inside Hiring Online

Freelance marketplace Elance released results of its online hiring practices survey which revealed that the majority of businesses (64%) prefer online hiring versus the traditional model of hiring onsite. That's not surprising...

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Hiring Professional Link Builders

It’s the single most important part of your success with search engine optimization – inbound links. But a link-building initiative can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks one can undertake. However, outsourcing...

Job Board Fresho Accepts XML Feeds

Thanks to the current economic situation, employment sites are experiencing an increase in both the quantity of visitors and the number of job searches and the industry as a whole is seeing quite a bit of innovation. Take Fresho for...

Vet Employment Candidates

Who you hire is an important corporate decision. Choose wisely and reap the many rewards. Choose poorly and start over at square one, hoping no long-term damage was done to your brand or your bottom line. Fetch technologies introduced...

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