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SEO Newbie: Using Google's HTML Improvements Feature

:: HTML Improvements in Google Search Console :: Everybody makes mistakes (or so they tell me). Despite the often vast reserves of experience and expertise of search marketers (as well as all the information available on the 'Net...

Google Indexing JavaScript

Within the last three months the highest number of websites that Google has had indexed (found and logged by the search engine) at any one time was more than 50 billion . Google’s ability to read a website is critical to the...

Open Source Web Access Recorder

One of the newest entries into the open source sector is from I3planet and if you're into analytics, this one's for you. The computer software company has released a Webpage Action Recorder and Heatmap Generator packaged together...

Making Color Considerations for Mobile Design

:: By Calvin Sellers :: Web design is a key part of any successful company's marketing strategy. It's rare nowadays to find a thriving business that doesn't have a well-oiled, expertly designed website that turns potential...

10 Back-End Mods for an Optimized Front-End Experience

Plenty is written regularly about how to optimize the front-end of your website for the search engines and usability. That is, of course, the part of your site that users can see, read and interact with, and it plays an undeniably...

Easily Convert HTML Content into PDF Files

PDF files are commonly used on many websites, but at first glance, it may seem like an unusual choice. After all, these documents aren’t nearly as accessible as more dynamic HTML content. However, PDFs can be beneficial for some...

Zoho Makes Online Meetings Easy with HTML

Zoho , a company that offers on-line business, productivity and collaboration applications, has announced an HTML viewer that aims to make joining online meetings easier. The Zoho Meeting HTML viewer doesn’t require installation...

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Charset Checkup (HTML5)

HTML5 is revolutioning nearly every facet of Web work - from applications to layout/design. It's importance to search engine optimization is also something to note. Website Magazine's upcoming August issue tackles the subject...

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