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5 Free Image-Editing Services

We live in a visual world, where content like images and videos attract more attention than text. This is especially true on the Web, with it being well documented that images receive higher engagement rates on social networks. Images...

Major Updates Arrive at Google+

The developers at Google+ have been busy, because the social network has introduced several new features to Google+ Hangouts and Photos. According to Google , the company’s social network has 300 million people active in its...

Bring Out the GIMP - Image Editing Program

Popular image editing software software GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) have finally released version 2.8 - the first official release since 2008. The most noticable change is to the interface, which in my personal experience...

MailChimp Integrates with Aviary to Simplify Image Editing

Email service provider MailChimp has announced its integration with Aviary, a Web-based photo editing solution. Now when users create and format emails, they can seamlessly edit, fix and get creative with their photos by using Aviary...


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