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7 Tips for Better Image SEO

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: For the longest time photos were an afterthought to bloggers and webmasters. To some, they were thought of as eye candy; something that makes your page look nicer, but really doing nothing to improve...

How to Best Optimize Your Images for SEO

:: By Keval Padia, Nimblechapps :: A picture is worth a thousand words may be an overused phrase, but it holds true. Images make posts, pages and more interesting and compelling, but failing to optimize them for both engagement and...

11 SEO Tips for Content Optimization

Content – whether it be in-depth articles, short blogs, banner ad creatives, social posts or landing page copy – can always be better or, rather, optimized for both user experience and search engine rankings. As more brands...

PHP Friendly: Smart Image Resizer

The Smart Image Resize r from Shifting Pixels is an elegant, yet powerful way to resize and crop any image on a website without actually modifying the actual image or tweaking code. Images are uploaded once at a high resolution and...


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